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First, (up top) a list of current specials at our site.

Further down below, our "garage sale"-- frequently featuring "cheap, interesting, broken, surplus, inappropriate, and/or weird things."

Bulbdial Clock Kit with Pearl Case Pearl Case for Bulbdial Clock: $15 off

The Abalone Pearl Case for the Bulbdial Clock Kit is currently $15 off either when purchased with the kit or on its own.

Garage Sale

Neat-o! You've found the Evil Mad Scientist Garage Sale. Below this point, you can sometimes find cheap, interesting, broken, surplus, inappropriate, and/or weird things for sale.

Please read these important policies about the Garage Sale:

  1. Garage sale items are (usually) limited to stock on hand.
  2. Items listed as "surplus" or "demo" are sold as-is, and all sales are final on those items

EvilMadScientist Project Parts

3 mm Clear Lens LEDs:

You asked for them, so here they are: LEDs that are perfect for Edge-lit Holiday Cards. 10 each of blue and white, superbright 3 mm clear lens LEDs. Brand new and very bright (appear to be 5000-8000 mCd class). Clear-lens 3 mm (T-1) package with flatted side and short lead to indicate cathode. (Note that we also now stock some 3 mm clear lens LEDs on our main LED page.)

3 mm Blue and White LEDs (10 of each) $5

Cheap Toothbrushes

Yup, toothbrushes.

These polypropylene-handle, nylon-bristle toothbrushes are *terrible* if you want to brush your teeth, because the bristles don't spring back very well. On the other hand, they are a good pick for BristleBots because (1) you can angle the bristles by hand-- just push hard and (2) the back side is very flat, unlike more expensive toothbrushes that are rounded-- this makes it easier to mount your battery and motor. Also, they're very cheap. New, individually wrapped-- and probably even sealed-- but we don't guarantee them to be clean and/or sterile enough for any particular application.

Cheap Toothbrush $0.25
Cheap Toothbrushes (Box of 144) $25

Electronic Components (Surface Mount)

LM393 (SO-8), tubes of 100.

LM393 Dual Comparator, ST Microelectronics. Tube of 100. SO-8 (surface mount) package. Surplus, new in tube. (Only 1 tube left!)

LM393 (SO-8), tube of 100 $17

Spare Parts Kits

Spare parts for Interactive LED Panels

Repair kit for one Interactive LED Panel. Contains five replacement quad op-amp chips, to replace components that can be easily damaged by reverse voltage.

Interactive Panel Spare Parts $2
Spare parts Peggy 2 Kits

A repair kit for Peggy 2 or Peggy 2LE is available, with the complete chip set including preprogrammed ATmega328P, LED driver chips, demultiplexer chips, plus replacement electrolytic capacitors. It is now available on its own product page.

Menorah Stands
Just the stand pieces for the Deluxe LED Menorah kit. Pick the 3xAA battery holder for blue or white Menorah, or the 2xAA battery holder for they yellow Menorah kit. Each stand consists of two pieces of laser-cut acrylic.

Menorah Stand (3xAA size) $2
Menorah Stand (2xAA size) $2
LED lead forming jig
Laser cut and engraved plywood for bending the LED leads for the Bulbdial Clock kit.

LED lead forming jig $1

Other Stuff


Just a little coil of solder: Roughly ten feet of thin, lead-free solder. Suitable for use with all Evil Mad Scientist soldering kits, and sufficient in quantity for most small and medium scale soldering kits.

  • Diameter 0.020" (0.508 mm)
  • Solder type: Lead free cored wire, with rosin flux
  • Composition: Tin: 96.5%, Silver 3.5%
  • Melting point: 217°C
Lead free solder (10 ft) $2.95
3/32" Hex Wrench

A little nickel plated hex L-wrench, 3/32" size. You can find one included with your Egg-Bot kit, but it turns out that one is also needed for building the SpikenzieLabs Calculator Kit. So if you need one but don't have one, pick one up here for just a buck.

3/32" Hex Wrench, Nickel Plated $1.00
Practice PCBs

Need to bone up on soldering? Just getting started and want some boards to practice on? Teaching a class and need some practice boards? We've got you covered. You'll get a brand new, clean, high quality, lead-free, through-hole printed circuit board-- One that we're not using because it's obsolete or has minor mistakes in the circuitry. All boards have places for headers, and may (or may not) have places for integrated circuits, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, and other common components. Please understand that the exact boards will vary, depending on which circuit boards we have in stock.

Note: we offer these free with any order on their own product page. If you don't want to order anything else, are ordering more than a couple, you can pay for them by adding them to your cart here instead.

Practice PCBs $1.00