Coreless Servo Upgrade Kit for AxiDraw

Upgrade option for pen-lift servo motor
Now available from Bantam Tools!

Coreless Servo Upgrade Kit for AxiDraw

This upgrade kit, compatible with most AxiDraw V3 and AxiDraw SE family machines, replaces the standard pen-lift servo motor with a faster, stronger, longer lasting, and quieter motor.

The K-power DMC809 digital coreless servo motor has a full metal gear train, dual ball bearings, and a full machined aluminum case. This upgrade includes a custom aluminum lift-arm (servo horn) that features a rolling wheel, as well as a new mounting bracket for attaching it to the AxiDraw.

BEFORE ORDERING: Check compatibility and tools notes below (1) to make sure that this upgrade will work with your AxiDraw, and (2) to see which tools are required for installing the upgrade.

Pros and cons for this upgrade

Advantages of using this servo motor upgrade versus the standard (Tower Pro SG-90):
  • Much quieter. No, it's not silent, but, wow it is remarkably quiet.
  • Longer life.
  • Stronger; greater lifting capacity. Can lift heavier pens.
  • A little bit faster.
  • Less vibration due to servo noise, especially at lower speeds. (Did we mention that it's quieter?)
  • A more professional final appearance, with its nice all-metal case.
  • Long lasting, replaceable roller wheel on the aluminum lift arm reduces friction and wear.
  • Heavier; can slightly increase "tuning-fork" ringing at faster speeds.
  • Costs more.
  • Installing this upgrade is quite a bit more work than replacing a regular servo motor.
  • Certain tools are needed to install the upgrade; you may need to get them (see below).

Compatibility check

Compatibility check: Silver-color flat plate folded over top of pen-lift servo

The Coreless Servo Upgrade Kit is compatible with most AxiDraw V3 and SE family pen plotters. To verify compatibility, look at the bracket where your existing pen-lift servo motor is mounted, comparing it to the photo here.

If it looks like the photo, with a silver-colored aluminum flap over the top of the servo motor, your AxiDraw is a good candidate for this upgrade. Go on to the next section below to check which tools are required.

If the bracket has the same general shape, with a black color metal flap over the servo motor (like the ones shown at the top of this page), you do not need this full upgrade kit. Instead order the Replacement Coreless Servo Motor for AxiDraw, selecting the "full lift arm installed" option.

If the bracket does not have a metal flap over the top of the servo motor, it is likely not a good candidate for this upgrade. Please contact us if you need help determining compatibility.

If you are ordering a new AxiDraw and would like us to pre-install a coreless servo on a new unit before it ships, we can do so at a similar cost (and save you the installation time); please contact us.

Tools required

Remove pen clip and lower pen to see screw heads Certain tools are required to install this upgrade; they are not included with the kit:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Wire cutters (recommended, not required)
  • A screwdriver; type to be determined

To determine which type of screwdriver is needed, remove the pen clip and lower your pen position to its lowest point. Look through the hole in the front face of the pen slide to see the two screw heads visible inside. You may need to manually lift the pen slide up a bit in order to see them.

Screw head types: Torx T20 vs Pozidriv PZ2

If the two screw heads have a 6-pointed star shape, the necessary screwdriver is a Torx T20. If you don't have one, we do sell one here.

If the two screw heads have a cross shape, the necessary screwdriver is a Pozidriv PZ2, sometimes called a Pozi #2. Our recommended driver is this one from Wera, however any PZ2 driver that can reach should work fine.

What comes with the upgrade kit

  • K-power DMC809 coreless servo motor, customized with shorter wire leads
  • A custom aluminum lift-arm (servo horn) with rolling wheel
  • New black servo mount
  • Cable ties and plastic rivets for mounting
Current installation instructions are available to download from documentation wiki.

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