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Digi-Comp II Sale

We're currently running a special on the Digi-Comp II binary mechanical computer.

Use checkout coupon code DIGICOMP to save 10% on either a Digi-Comp II: First Edition or "B-grade" units. (B-grade units have identical functionality, but are sold at a discount due to natural variation in the wood surfaces.)

Refurbished items

Returned, used, blemished, open box or demo units that have been refurbished and fully retested to original specifications. Stock is limited to units on hand.

Garage Sale

Neat-o! You've found the Evil Mad Scientist Garage Sale. Below this point, you can sometimes find cheap, interesting, broken, surplus, inappropriate, and/or weird things for sale.

Please read these important policies about the Garage Sale:

  1. Garage sale items are (usually) limited to stock on hand.
  2. Items listed as "surplus" or "demo" are sold as-is, and all sales are final on those items

Interactive LED Panel Kit V2.1 (6-panel blue and white)
Surplus old stock.


Other Stuff


2N3904 NPN transistors. Bulk or on tape.

Price: $0.19 ea