Meggy Jr RGB Classroom Pack

LED Matrix Game Soldering Kit, packaged in bulk for classroom use
Not currently available.

Meggy Jr RGB kits are now available in Classroom Packs!

Classroom packs are discounted, bulk-packaged kits to build larger numbers of of Meggy Jr RGB kits. Perfect for schools, specialized soldering or programming classes, summer camps, electronics clubs, or hacker spaces!

Meggy Jr RGB Classroom Packs are available in a number of different sizes, for different class sizes. Each classroom pack for n students includes the following: Meggy Jr Box

  • All parts needed to build n working Meggy Jr RGB units. Circuit boards, preprogrammed microcontrollers, LED displays, buttons, and all other electronic components to build n Meggy Jr RGB units.
  • Handle sets: n+1 sets (n+2 for 20+ students) of basic handles in assorted colors.
  • Spare parts: A few extras of the small parts that are easy to lose and/or break.
  • One printed Meggy Jr RGB assembly guide (full color).
  • One printed Meggy Jr RGB programming guide (full color).
  • A classroom-oriented bill of materials, indicating how many of each part to count out for students.
  • One USB-TTL programming interface (either FTDI Friend and cable or USB-TTL Cable).
  • One USB flash drive, preloaded with the Meggy Jr RGB downloads.

Additional USB-TTL interfaces for reprogramming the completed Meggy Jr RGB units are sold separately.

The flash drive is provided so that internet access is not needed; it contains all the documentation and software needed to assemble and begin programming Meggy Jr RGB. The drive is preloaded with:

  • PDF versions of the Meggy Jr RGB assembly and programming guides. (To be viewed in a PDF reader, projected on a screen, or printed out as needed.)
  • Latest version of the Arduino software for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Meggy Jr RGB Library for Arduino (with example programs)
  • Additional contributed programs for Meggy Jr RGB

As with individual Meggy Jr RGB kits, tools and supplies are required for use with Meggy Jr RGB Classroom Packs. Each unit requires 3 'AAA' cells to operate; an optional ac adapter is available as well. The following additional tools and supplies are needed to build up the kits:

  • Electronics soldering iron
  • Thin rosin core solder (standard solder for electronics)
  • Small ("flush") wire clippers
  • Small pliers (e.g., needle nose)
  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Hot glue gun (suggested)

Options and Accessories to add to your classroom pack:

AC Adapters
Meggy Jr RGB is designed to run on batteries and classroom packs come complete with battery holders. You can also power Meggy Jr with an energy-efficient wall-plug AC adapter, 4.5 - 5 V DC, regulated, 600 mA+. These adapters are sold individually. Two versions are available: one for US/Canada, and an international multi-plug version that comes with four separate plugs. Both versions come with the appropriate power jack to solder onto the Meggy Jr circuit board.

USB-TTL Interface
An Adafruit FTDI Friend with cable or FTDI model TTL-232R-5V converter cable can be used for programming Meggy Jr RGB, Peggy 2.0, and many other Arduino compatible devices through the Arduino programming environment. One end of the cable fits into the USB port on your computer, and the other end has a 6-pin header socket that hooks up to the Meggy Jr. This is a "smart" converter that includes the USB interface chip. Sold individually.

Resistor Lead Bender
Handy high-productivity tool for making neat bends in the leads of your resistors when assembling kits. Read more about these here. A popular accessory for building Meggy Jr RGB. Sold individually.

Individual Meggy Jr RGB kits
Complete individual Meggy Jr RGB kits are also available separately.

Please contact us if you need any assistance from our end in navigating the purchasing procedures of your school or organization.

Suggested Accessories for Meggy Jr RGB Classroom Packs: