Blank Distal Pen arm for EggBot

Also available in standard and wide, please see below for descriptions.

Compatible with Basic, Deluxe and Ostrich EggBots.

Not currently available

The EggBot kit mounts its pen at the end of the pen arm, in a piece called the "distal" pen arm.

The standard distal pen arm (available here) has a hole that fits Sharpie Ultra-Fine pens, and other markers of similar size. It also has a nut and nylon thumbscrew to fix the pen in place. (Thumbscrew not shown in photos.)

The wide-hole version (available here) looks the same, except that it has a slightly larger hole that fits a standard (so-called "fine point") Sharpie marker, or other markers of similar size.

We also offer the fully blank distal pen arm available on this page, in case you want to drill your own hole and/or mount something that requires a different mounting scheme. The blank version does not have a nut or thumbscrew, but instead just a small pilot hole.

All three types come with screws, hinge clamp, hinge, hinge washer and angle bracket for ease of use. After assembly, swapping out pen arms is simple using the one screw at the top of the proximal pen arm.

Note that the main photo shown above is for the "standard" pen arm. The blank version can be seen in the group shot of all three types.

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