Preprogrammed AVR Microcontrollers

Preprogrammed AVR chips for your favorite projects.
Not currently available

Preprogrammed microcontrollers for all your favorite Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories projects. (If you are looking for "raw," unprogrammed microcontrollers, please start here.)

Chips are types ATtiny85-20PU, ATtiny2313A-PU or ATtiny4313-PU, ATmega164P-20PU, ATmega328P-PU, and ATmega644A-PU. All come in standard DIP (through-hole) form factor: all are 0.3" wide except the ATmega164P and ATmega644A, which are 0.6". See note below(*) if you need chips for an Arduino Uno.

Want one that's not listed here? Contact us and we'll see if we can help.

*Note on Arduino firmware: When we say "Arduino firmware," we are referring to the "original" Arduino bootloader, as used on the Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Diecimila, prior Arduino versions, and most other Arduino-compatible systems, including Diavolino, Peggy 2, Meggy Jr RGB, and Bulbdial Clock kits, all of which used FTDI-based USB interfaces.

Note however, that the Arduino firmware is not compatible with the Arduino Uno, which requires a new bootloader. If you need to swap your chips into an Arduino Uno for programming, please select the Uno-compatible bootloader chips above.

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