EggBot Hinge Set

Two standard hinges and two engraver-type hinges

Not currently available

The EggBot has a flexure hinge in the pen arm, which allows the "distal" portion of the pen arm to lift the pen above the plotting surface, with minimal out-of-plane movement.

This set of EggBot hinges includes two standard replacement hinges, plus two of the type used with the Diamond Engraver accessory. The engraver hinges are stiffer for the Deluxe, Basic and Ostrich version, and more flexible for the EggBot Pro version. The standard ones are the same type as those that come with the EggBot kit.

The hinges are custom laser cut from thin sheets of plastic, 0.010" thick acetal copolymer for the standard ones, and 0.020" thick for the engraver ones for Deluxe, Basic & Ostrich. The EggBot Pro Engraver hinges are made of Kapton film.

Select your EggBot type from the drop-down menu to get the correct style of hinges. Hinges shown are for Deluxe, Basic & Ostrich EggBots. EggBot Pro hinges are not pictured.

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