MBI5026GN LED Driver Chip

16-bit constant current driver
Not currently available

Macroblock MBI5026 LED Driver IC.

The MBI5026GN is a 16-channel constant-current LED driver chip with shift-register type (serial) interface, in an easy-to-use 24-pin DIP package.

We use these in our Peggy 2, Meggy Jr RGB, and Alpha Clock Five kits. These ICs also serve as a basic-function "drop-in" replacement for the STP16DP05B1R and STP16CPS05B1R chips (which are no longer in distribution).


  • IC type: Constant current LED sink driver
  • LED drive channels: 16
  • Interface: Serial (shift register)
  • Maximum interface speed: 25 MHz
  • Input type: Schmitt trigger
  • Package: DIP-24 (0.1" x 0.3" pin spacing)
  • Output voltage: 17 V (max)
  • Output sink current, per channel: 5-90 mA
  • Supply voltage: 5 V (4.5 - 5.5 V)
  • Lead-free (RoHS compliant): Yes
  • Manufacturer: Macroblock, Inc
  • Manufacturer part number: MBI5026GN
  • Datasheet (PDF)

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