Spare parts kit for Peggy 2

Complete chip set for Peggy 2 or Peggy 2LE, including preprogrammed microcontroller, LED driver chips, demultiplexers, and electrolytic capacitors.
Not available at this time.

This is a "repair kit" for Peggy 2 or Peggy 2LE. It includes a complete chip set including preprogrammed ATmega328P, LED driver chips, demultiplexer chips, plus replacement electrolytic capacitors. If you just need the replacement microcontroller, you can find it on this page.

Nine out of ten times, if you need this, it's because you plugged Peggy into the wrong power supply. So, don't do that. :) Peggy 2 and Peggy 2LE run on 4.5 V - 5 V DC.

Note: We source several different types of LED driver chips. The two that you get may not be the same brand or type that initially came with your Peggy, but one of several different "plug-in" equivalents.

Finally, if you do not need this full kit but just an extra microcontroller, you can find that on our pre-programmed microcontrollers page, as "ATmega328P for Peggy 2."