Extra Pen Arm for EggBot

Build an extra pen arm for your EggBot.

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This sub-kit for The Original Egg-Bot Kit lets you build an extra pen arm. Why would you need an extra? Usually for experimenting and modifying the 'bot. Maybe you have several different drawing tools (engraver, airbrush, etc) installed on different pen arms, and want to swap the whole pen arm out from time to time.

The kit includes the three laser-cut wooden pieces of the pen arm, the new aluminum pen arm backer, the fasteners that hold them together, the hinge mechanism, and the servo motor. It also includes the nylon screw that holds the pen at the end of the "distal" pen arm. (Note that the photo shows the old, wooden, pen arm backer, not the current aluminum version.)

You'll need a small Phillips head screwdriver and a 5/64" hex wrench to assemble this sub-kit. The hex wrench that came with your EggBot kit will do fine, but we also have a nice screwdriver version available.

Note: This pen arm fits the The Original Egg-Bot Kit (standard and deluxe editions); it does not fit the Ostrich EggBot kit.

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