Museum Display: Conway's Game of Life

Interactive LED artwork, in a museum-grade enclosure
$3975 (not including crating or shipping)

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The Game of Life Museum Display is a stand-alone interactive art object that implements Conway's Game of Life on a grid of responsive LEDs. It comes ready-to-use in a tough enclosure, designed to withstand the rigors of daily hands-on use.

glider The LED field contains 352 ultrabright LEDs on a 2 × 2" grid spacing.

The lower right corner of the display contains an integrated set of simple-function controls: Step, Run, Pause, and Clear. Pressing "Run" causes the display to evolve continuously at a rate of one step per second, and additional presses change the rate to two and then four steps per second. The Pause and Step functions can be used to explore Conway's game in fine detail.

Mathematically, the edges of the display field are fixed, and motion does not wrap around the edges.

A random-fill feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled if desired. The display is capable of detecting very simple idle conditions, including fixed (period-1) features and period-2 oscillations. If the display comes to an idle condition for more than one minute, during which no human interaction is detected, the display will automatically fill with random data seeded by the sensor array.

Solid construction The Game of Life Museum Display comes ready-to-use, and is built to withstand years of hands-on use in a museum environment.

The display comes in a rock-solid case made of CNC-cut all-hardwood plywood, hand finished with polyurethane outer coats and fine detailing. The finger-friendly front surface is made of 3/8" acrylic and can be removed for replacement if necessary. Human interaction is detected through an array of 352 near-infrared proximity sensors. There are no moving parts nor mechanical switches of any kind.

The "cells" in the main field of LEDs (those not in the control section) are 10 mm ultrabright "warm white" LEDs. These LEDs mimic the appearance of small frosted incandescent light bulbs, while giving the longevity and low power consumption of LED lighting.

crate The plug-in power supply accepts worldwide voltage input (100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz). Less than 50 W of input power is required, and there is no cooling fan; the display is completely silent.

The physical dimensions of the museum display are 46" wide, 34" tall, and 5.5" thick ( 117 × 87 × 14 cm). The weight is approximately 90 Lbs (40 kg).

There is no shipping or handling charge for customer-arranged shipping or for picking up the display at our shop in Sunnyvale, California. We can also (at extra cost) arrange for professional crating of the display and shipment by motor freight or international air cargo, to be billed separately.

Please contact us if you would like to request a shipping quotation for your location.

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