ESD-Safe Precision Screwdriver Set

Set of six screwdrivers with protective case.
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SKU: 502

Precision minature screwdriver set by Felo. Made in Germany. Lifetime guarantee.

Set consists of four flathead screwdrivers of various width (1.5 - 3 mm) and two Phillips head screwdrivers (#00, #0), in a sturdy plastic storage case.

ESD-safe construction: High-resistance conductive plastic allows static charge to slowly dissipate, preventing discharges that can potentially damage sensitive electronics. Cushioned rubber grip, free-rotating tail cap. Cross-drilled hole for hanging. Longer and higher quality than most other miniature screwdrivers. A pleasure to work with. Blade length: 60 mm (2.36"), handle length: 102 mm (4").

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