Resistor Lead Forming Tool

You know you want one.

Not currently available

Yes, it's a little gizmo that can help you bend the leads of your resistors just so. We use these whenever building up any of our larger kits. Here's what we had to say about these in a writeup about obscure electronics tools:
    "Okay, you can bend your resistor leads by hand. We know. We all do it. But, resistor benders are fabulous for getting the leads bent squarely enough to go easily through the holes in your PCB or perf board. Silly? No, because it helps keep your board looking neat, and keeps the resistors from sticking too far above the board. If you are populating a circuit board with a lot of resistors, this tool can actually save you a lot of time. How? By making sure that your resistors are bent to exactly the correct length, so that they go through the hole on the first try, without any fuss. This is one of those tools that we never thought we needed until we got one."
Factory new, and nicely made of tough injection molded plastic. One side is designed for 1/4 W resistors (sizes 0.4" - 1.5"), the other for 1/2 W resistors (sizes 0.5"-1.5). Works for 1/8 W resistors as well. One of our favorite (and most popular) items.

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