The MarshMallowMatic Kit

CNC Oxy-fuel Marshmallow Toasting Machine
Announced on April 1, 2014.

The MarshMallowMatic Kit is the world's first dedicated robotic marshmallow toasting machine— capable of custom marking and toasting of marshmallows under robotic control.

The MarshMallowMatic is built from a special, modified version of our Ostrich Eggbot kit, with a chassis CNC cut from flame retardant plywood and fitted with a compact oxy-fuel torch and unique all-metal marshmallow couplers. It is compatible with most "regular" and "jumbo" size marshmallows, from 1.25 to 4 inches (3 to 10 cm) in diameter. Just imagine the possibilities: Today's weather, or your favorite sports team logo on every single marshmallow!

The oxy-fuel torch is a precise instrument capable of producing an inch-long flame with temperature in excess of 5000 °F (2760 °C), hot enough to toast even the most reluctant marshmallow. In fact, marshmallows aside, you can even use it for light-duty soldering, brazing, and welding applications.

The kit includes a refillable (but alas, initially empty) 20 cu. ft. oxygen cylinder and adapters to work with disposable propane or MAPP gas cylinders (not included). The torch can also be adapted for use with acetylene, hydrogen, propylene, or natural gas. (If using municipal natural gas, a pressure booster may be needed.)

The MarshMallowMatic kit comes complete, except for oxygen and fuel. It includes a universal-input plug-in power supply, USB cable, oxygen cylinder (20 cu. ft. size, empty), starter marshmallow sample set, flint-type spark lighter, 8 ft. covered red and green hoses, preset propane/MAPP regulator, oxygen regulator, reverse check valves, and a #3 (0.011") torch tip fitted with a laser-drilled sapphire orifice. Fuel cylinder is not included.

Light duty ("screwdriver type") assembly is required. You'll also need a recent-vintage computer with an available USB port (Mac, Windows or Linux) and internet access to download assembly instructions and necessary software. Appropriate safety equipment (including safety glasses with a filter approved for gas welding) should be utilized at all times.

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