Gumdrop LED Assortment (15 piece)

3 each of 5 colors of ultrabright LEDs, with 10 mm tinted lenses. Retail pack.
Not currently available

"Perfect LEDs for electronics tinkering and exploration."

We've been selling these cute little packs of big fat LEDs as retail "impulse buy" items for some time, and they've been a perennial favorite — already one of our most popular LED assortments.

This pack contains a total of 15 diffused-lens 10 mm ultrabright LEDs, 3 each in 5 colors, and with color-coded lenses for higher contrast and easy identification. Perfect for classroom use, making squishy circuits, LED throwies, restocking your electronics bench (or travel bag), or gifting to youngsters who should be playing with LEDs.

Additional specifications about the 5 LED types in this assortment can be found on their individual product pages:

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