EggBot Diamond Engraver (Soldering Kit)

Turn your EggBot into a CNC diamond engraving tool.

Compatible with Basic, Deluxe, and Ostrich EggBot Kits.

Not currently available.

Engraved glass ornament This Diamond Engraving Tool for EggBot turns your EggBot into a vibrated-tip diamond-point engraving tool, capable of light-duty marking and engraving on hard materials like glass, stone, and ceramic.

Photo: engraving directly into the surface of a clear glass ornament

This version of the Diamond Engraving Tool is a soldering kit [?] and is compatible with the Basic, Deluxe and Ostrich EggBots.

Basic electronic soldering skill is required, and you provide basic soldering tools: a soldering iron + solder and small wire clippers. You will also need fine-point pliers and a miniature flathead screwdriver. No additional knowledge of electronics is presumed or required. Easy "through-hole" construction and clear, photo-heavy online instructions. Assembly time is estimated to be under 30 minutes.

The Diamond Engraving Tool is also available fully assembled.

Engraved marble sphere To install the Engraving Tool, you will need the same basic tools normally required by the EggBot: a miniature phillips-head screwdriver (for adjusting motor current) and the 5/64" ball-end hex wrench that came with your EggBot.

Photo: engraving directly into the surface of a stone (white marble) sphere. Click for larger image.

Etching the surface finish off of an ornament Compatibility

This engraving tool works with the Basic or Deluxe EggBot kit, as well as the Ostrich EggBot, through an extension cable that is now included with the kit.

For the EggBot Pro, you will need a different engraving tool, available here.

Photo by EggBot user Dan Newman, showing the result of etching the outer paint layer off of an ornament.

Light through an etched ornament

The kit includes the diamond-point tool, an upper pen arm assembly that features a stiffer-grade hinge, high-speed vibrating motor, all the required parts to build the driver board for the motor, and a cable that allows it all to be directly powered and controlled by the EggBot's EiBotBoard (EBB). An extension cable for use with Ostrich EggBot is also now provided.

Photo: By etching the paint off of surfaces you can create interesting masks for light-- tiny and exotic lampshades.

It is worth noting that the Engraving Tool is considerably louder in operation than the EggBot itself, particularly when engraving brittle materials. You should also be aware that the engraver contains sharp parts (the diamond, in particular!) and that there is always risk of shattering when you engrave glass. Take care to exercise proper safety precautions.

Detailed usage instructions for the Diamond Engraving Tool are available on the Evil Mad Scientist Wiki.

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