Z-axis tape is made by 3M, and is used to bond two conductive surfaces together and allow a small (suggested to keep it under 100mA) current to flow through the tape. But here's the cool part: it's only conductive across the thickness of the tape itself, not along the length or width. Its a regular adhesive tape with little chunks of conductive material every 0.1mm or so as seen in the macro photo of the tape. The adhesive does the bonding, the little chunks do the conducting.

Examples shown in the photos are a Gemma and Neopixels: the white cover was removed first, then the circuit board was stuck onto the brown paper+tape. The shape was cut out around the circuit board, then the brown paper peeled off. The process was repeated for the neopixels and copper tape was used for traces.

Each order comes with a strip of 2" x 6" tape. Its big enough you can use it for a bunch of projects. Just cut out the size you need and save the rest.


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