This is the original USB cable that ships with current-production AxiDraw and EggBot models.

The USB micro B connector is a new standard connector used on many smartphones and tablets. This USB 2.0 cable features a USB A male plug on one end and a USB micro B male plug on the other end. It uses 28 AWG conductors for both data and power and is shielded to protect against signal interference and data loss.

Works with the Trinket Pro, the EBB v 2.5, and AxiDraw, WaterColorBot and EggBot models using EBB v2.5 and newer.


  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • 6 ft long (2 m)
  • 28 AWG data and power conductors
  • Molded connector heads with molded strain relief boots
  • Shielded to protect against external signal interference

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