Pen clip rotation stage for AxiDraw

Provides 90 degree rotation range. Please see compatibility notes below.
Now available from Bantam Tools!

The AxiDraw's pen holder normally holds a pen (or other instrument) either vertically or at 45° from vertical. The Pen clip rotation stage is a lightweight adapter allows you to mount the instrument at arbitrary angles, and fine-tune that angle over a range of 90 degrees with a precision of 1 degree. This adapter is not normally needed in general writing and drawing usage. However certain precision applications of the AxiDraw — particularly those using the AxiDraw as a general purpose XY motion control stage — may find this to be helpful. Some users have also found it useful for fine-tuning the angle that a pen is mounted at when using italic or chisel-tip pens in combination with the Italic pen adapter.

You can attach the rotation stage to the front face of the AxiDraw in two orientations, vertical or at 45° from vertical. These orientations, along with the 90° adjustment range, allow you to either adjust between vertical and horizontal, or between vertical and ±45° from vertical. Two small thumbscrews and an engraved bezel allow you to make adjustments and set the angle.


  • Material: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Size: Outer radius 64 mm, height 48 mm, thickness 4.6 mm (excluding mounting hardware).
  • Weight: Approximately 11 g.
  • Mounting hardware: included (2 each M3 flat head cap screws, M2 socket cap screws w/washers, 1.5 mm hex wrench).
  • Made in USA


This adapter is compatible only with AxiDraw V3 and SE family pen plotters that mount the pen on a 2-hole vertical slide. This includes all AxiDraw V3/A3 and AxiDraw V3 XLX units, all AxiDraw V3 units manufactured after February 2017, and all AxiDraw SE/A1, SE/A2, SE/A3, and SE/A4 machines. If you are not sure which model you have, please refer to the pictures on page 16 of the AxiDraw V3 User Guide.

The pen clip rotation stage can also be mounted to the rigid end effector instead of the standard pen-lift stage.

The pen clip rotation stage can be used both with the standard pen clip (included with the AxiDraw) or with the XL pen clip, sold separately.

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