AxiDraw SE/A4 (Refurbished or blemished)

Returned, used, open box or demo units that have been refurbished to original specifications.
None available at this time.

Refurbished or blemished AxiDraw SE/A4 units. (Please see the AxiDraw SE/A4 product page for detailed information about the AxiDraw SE/A4 itself.)

Refurbished units:
Returned, used, open box or demo models are AxiDraw units that have been refurbished and fully retested to the original specifications and performance of the AxiDraw SE/A4. (Returns of the AxiDraw SE/A4 are pretty rare, so we don't often get refurbished units in stock.)

Blemished units:
Brand new AxiDraw units with cosmetic imperfections which do not impact performance, and which have been tested to the same standards as regular units. Typical blemishes include miscoloration or scratches from the metal finishing process, or minor dings and dents. Any imperfections in these units are cosmetic, which is to say they they have no impact on the functionality of the machine. We sometimes have blemished units available (or that can be built up), so please contact us if you're interested in one. We can usually describe the particular issues on the particular machine.

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