Pen Clip for AxiDraw (Black)

Compatible with AxiDraw V3 and SE family pen plotters
Now available from Bantam Tools!

This is the new-design AxiDraw pen clip, compatible with current-generation AxiDraw V3 and AxiDraw SE family plotters.

Like the standard pen clip, it fits pens and other instruments up to 5/8" (16 mm) in diameter. And, it supports mounting a pen in the vertical or diagonal orientation, for pens that like to be perpendicular or at 45 degrees to the paper

While the standard pen clip requires that you remove the two screws to switch between vertical and diagonal, this new design requires that you only loosen the screws, making it faster to switch between orientations. Loosen the two screws slightly, lift the pen clip up, rotate to the new position, and seure the screws again.

The pen clip is made of black anodized aluminum and includes a black nylon 8-32 thumbscrew for holding the pen in place, as well as mounting screws.

The pen clip is compatible only with AxiDraw V3 family pen plotters that mount the pen on a 2-hole vertical slide. This includes all AxiDraw SE/A3, SE/A4, SE/A1, SE/A2, AxiDraw V3/A3, V3/B6, V3 XLX, AxiDraw MiniKit, and all AxiDraw V3 units manufactured after February 2017. In case of ambiguity, please refer to the pictures on page 14 of the AxiDraw V3 User Guide.

The pen clip can optionally be used with the Italic pen adapter, the pen clip rotation stage, or the rigid end effector (each sold separately).

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