Evil Mad Scientist Garage sale

Saturday January 27

1285 Forgewood Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94089

Thanks for coming to our garage sale! If you haven't heard, we're packing up and leaving the bay area.

We've got a few things left over from the sale, which we're looking to unload (or junk).

Inventory items, on everything-must-go clearance:

  • Solarbotics solar and battery powered kits

Vintage and surplus wonders!

  • Silicon valley surplus oddities including silicon wafers and semiconductor fabrication masks
  • Miscellaneous electronics project debris
  • Spools of wire
  • Vintage components galore
  • One vintage HP pen plotter
  • Vintage and new power supplies

Raw materials!

  • Some balsa wood sheets and pieces
  • Sheet materials including depron foam, MDF, HDPE, PETG, phenolic, polycarbonate, and others
  • Laserable acrylic sheets & scrap material --Donated to Maker Nexus
  • Laserable plywood sheets --Donated to Maker Nexus
  • Some excellent quality 6061 aluminum raw material --Donated to Maker Nexus

Furniture and infrastructure

  • Some low-end furniture-- cabinets and bookshelves
  • Low grade plastic footstools
  • A smallish, not quite full size refrigerator, nearly new
  • Small welding table
  • Electric space heaters
  • Two vintage orange and white metal desks. One with drawers, one without.
  • A tall vintage classroom chemistry cabinet with drawers

Some low-end tools that might have a better home than with us

  • Cheap tile saw
  • Vibratory tumbler w/ plastic abrasive media --Donated to Maker Nexus
  • T-962A desktop reflow oven (Sold!)

Things that we would rather give away than have to dispose of:

  • The Giant Digi-Comp II! Free to any hackerspace, makerspace, school, or similar group who can give it a good home.
  • Power cables & wall warts galore!
  • Strange cables that we can't identify
  • Machine tool coolant: Qualichem 251C, a new, unopened 5 gallon pail of concentrate.
  • UPS power supply, which we originally got to run our laser, that needs new batteries

Defying the categories above, and yet which will be at our garage sale:

  • Dishes from our kitchenette
  • Motors (stepper, servo, geared, etc)
  • Christmas ornaments left over from EggBot demo days
  • Maybe a (yes legal, yes very small) moon rock or two? (Sold!)
And... we are still adding to this list.