The Evil Mad Scientist STEAM T-shirt

Science & Technology & Engineering & Art & Mathematics.
Not currently stocked.

The STEAM T-shirt from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Featuring high quality screen printing on 100% cotton tees from American Apparel.

Front side: Science & Technology & Engineering & Art & Mathematics. (Black ink)

Back side: The Evil Mad Scientist logo. (Red, brown, and black inks)

Shirt color: "New Silver," a uniform light gray. See sizing info below.

These are Great Shirts

Beautiful quality screen printing by Social Imprints of San Francisco ("Printing with Purpose").

The shirts themselves are comfortable 100% cotton tees, made in the USA by American Apparel. (Mens Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Womens Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Women's T.)

Sizes tend to run a bit small, so please refer to the sizing charts: Men, Women.

We're currently stocking sizes from S-XL in both Mens and Womens. (Note: some sizes are currently out of stock.) If you need a special size, please contact us.


The design of the front is an homage (like so many others) to the John Paul Ringo George shirt by Experimental Jetset.

Why Science & Technology & Engineering & Art & Mathematics? It's who we are, and it's what we stand for.

Why not just STEM? We, like many, many others believe that art is a critical component of good design, of good engineering, and of beneficial technology.

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