0.8 inch Alphanumeric Displays

Ultrabright red 17-segment LED displays
No longer stocked. Please see our other alphanumeric displays.

High-end displays like these are great except that they are difficult to find and very expensive; here we are making the ones that we use available at a reasonable price.

These 0.8" character-height displays are in ultrabright red, and are the same super-efficient displays that are used in version 2.0 of our open-source LED micro-readerboard project. Seriously bright at full current, so you can turn them way the heck down to run a very low-power display. In moving from a "standard" brightness display to one of these, we were able to take the battery life from a number of hours to a number of months. (No kidding.)

Technical Data Follows:

Part number: BL-S80A-13UHR-11 by Betlux Electronics (or exact substitute).

Datasheet here.

Peak wavelength: 660 nm. Rated for 25 mA continuous, 150 mA peak (0.1 percent duty cycle at 10 kHz), and 75 mW power dissipation per LED chip.

Lead Free
These 17-segment alphanumeric displays are RoHS compliant (lead free). Working with these parts, you'll find that everything works well with either regular or lead-free solder-- whichever you care to use.

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