24 V 0.83 A Power Supplies

AC adapters for use with Interactive LED Panels.
Not currently available

These 24 V DC, regulated AC adapters can be used with our Interactive LED Panels. The power supplies are compact 24 V DC adapters, and accept worldwide voltage.

Ready-to-use Interactive LED Panels come with power supplies, one for every 12 panels ordered. You may want to order extra power supplies, for example if you ordered 6 panels but want to configure them as two separated sets of three panels.

Interactive LED Panel Soldering Kits do not include power supplies; they are sold separately.

These "small" power supply can power up to 4 panels. We offer a less expensive US/Canada specific power supply that can power up to 3 panels here. We also offer a 2.5 A power supply that can power up to 12 panels here.

These supplies terminate in a 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug. The matching socket is available here, and a jack & switch set for Interactive LED Panel Soldering Kits is available here.

24 V "Small" International Power Supplies

  • Powers up to 3 panels.
  • Universal input: Accepts US or international AC power.
  • Choose from EUR, UK, or AUS plug.
  • 0.83 A output (Energy Star Level V compliant)

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