AVR Starter Packs

A USBtinyISP AVR Programmer, with microcontrollers, breakout boards, sockets and even ZIF sockets to get you up and running. (See detailed list of contents below.)

The Deluxe version includes all that plus LEDs, a servo motor, battery boxes, power supplies, and other parts to help you explore even further.

No longer in production.

The AVR Starter pack includes:

  • Five ATmegaXX8 target boards
  • Five ATmega328P-PU microcontrollers
  • Four 28 pin DIP sockets
  • One 28 pin ZIF socket
  • Fifteen zero-ohm jumpers
  • Five ATtiny2313 target boards
  • Five ATtiny2313 or ATtiny4313 microcontrollers
  • Four 20 pin DIP sockets
  • One 20 pin DIP ZIF socket
  • Five 0.1 uF capacitors
  • Ten 6 pin DIL headers
  • One USBtinyISP kit
The Deluxe AVR Starter pack includes everything above plus:
  • Five 16 MHz crystal & capacitor sets
  • One 9 g servo motor
  • One magnetic sound transducer (lo-fi speaker/buzzer) with driver transistor
  • Our 16 LED basic sampler of single color LEDs in various sizes
  • Our RGB LED sampler of 5 different RGB LEDs
  • Resistors to go with the LEDs
  • One 3xAAA battery holder with switch
  • Two 3xAA battery holders with switch
  • Three 2xAA battery holders with switch
  • One 5 V 1000 mA plug-in power supply with jack
  • One 9 V 1500 mA plug-in power supply with jack

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