The Ostrich EggBot (Upgrade Only)

Upgrade chassis for The Original EggBot kit.

Please read upgrade requirements below

Not currently in production.

The Ostrich EggBot kit is a special version of The Original EggBot kit with an extra-large chassis that fits larger objects, up to 6.25" in diameter.

This upgrade kit takes many components from your standard-size EggBot kit, and puts them in an all new chassis, making your kit into a 100% complete Ostrich EggBot, with all of its capabilities. Full details about the Ostrich EggBot are available on its product page.

Important "need to know" upgrade requirements:

  1. This upgrade kit requires an EggBot kit, either the basic or deluxe model.
  2. The upgrade kit assumes that you already have the Precision egg coupler, which is a popular accessory, most commonly seen as part of the "Deluxe EggBot" bundle. If you do not already have a precision egg coupler, then please add one to your order along with the upgrade kit.
  3. If you already have the Diamond Engraving Tool and are upgrading your chassis, you may need to also purchase a 12 inch M-F servo extension cable if you'd like to use the engraver with the Ostrich EggBot. (Diamond engraving tools now include this extension cable, but have not in the past.)

EggBots side-by-side The upgrade kit uses the following parts from your existing EggBot kit: The two stepper motors and the EBB driver board, the servo motor, the distal pen arm assembly, the hex wrenches, the power supply, the USB cable, the plunger spring, and the precision Egg Coupler.

The upgrade kit contains: The full 5-piece CNC-cut, laser-engraved melamine-faced MDF chassis, long brass thumbscrews for side adjustments, a new extra-stiff pen arm backer and proximal pen arm, servo extension cable (for the pen lift servo motor), a longer plunger assembly with (optional) extra-stiff spring, precision tail coupler, and other hardware needed to build up the new chassis.

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