AxiDraw SE/A1 and AxiDraw SE/A2

Special edition AxiDraw, with machined linear rail, redesigned carriage, and large plot area
AxiDraw SE/A1: $1400

AxiDraw SE/A2: $1200 AxiDraw SE/A1: $1400

AxiDraw SE/A2: None available at this time

No longer in production.

Recommended replacement:
Bantam Tools NextDraw™ 2234

The AxiDraw SE/A1 and AxiDraw SE/A2 are derivatives of the AxiDraw SE/A3 pen plotter, specially redesigned for a larger plot area. Like the SE/A3, they are constructed with a massive, cnc-machined solid-aluminum base and a rigid but lightweight extrusion for the Y rail.

The SE/A1 and SE/A2 feature an exclusive high-rigidity carriage that provides significantly higher stiffness than the standard AxiDraw carriage. The carriage is heavier, but its added stiffness helps to compensate for the greater cantilevered mass of the Y arm and thus significantly improves performance at moderate speeds. This carriage design can also be separated into two parts, partially detaching the Y stage, yielding a more compact option for transportation and storage.

Both models also feature an engraved logo on the front of the base, a tidy cable drag chain on the rear, and two handles for easier lifting. The AxiDraw SE/A1 and SE/A2 both now ship with the coreless pen-lift servo motor as standard equipment. (A super-performance brushless pen-lift servo motor is now available as an upgrade option as well.)

The AxiDraw SE/A1 and SE/A2 differ essentially only in their sizes. The AxiDraw SE/A1 has a travel area about that of A1 (841 × 594 mm) or ANSI D (34 × 22 inch) paper size. The AxiDraw SE/A2 has a travel area of about that of A2 (594 × 420 mm) or ANSI C (22 × 17 inch) paper size.

Important things you should know about the AxiDraw SE/A1 and SE/A2:

  • Even with the improved carriage, these larger models generally need to be operated at slower speeds than a regular AxiDraw V3 or V3/A3 in order to achieve the same quality.
  • To reduce shipping cost and the risk of damage, these models ship partially disassembled, with the main carriage separated into two parts. Reassembly is quick and straightforward thanks to the special carriage design. (If you're picking it up at our shop in Sunnyvale California, we can leave it assembled.)
  • Shipping gets more expensive with these larger, heavier units; we generally custom-quote freight.
  • They're really big.
  • These models do not include paper-holding easels. (We do not make easels of any type in these sizes.)
  • These units are made to order, in limited production, at our shop in Sunnyvale California. We are taking orders as we have capacity.

AxiDraw SE/A1 Specifications:

  • Usable pen travel (inches): 34.02 × 23.39 inches.
  • Usable pen travel (millimeters): 864 × 594 mm.
  • Overall dimensions: Approximately 43 × 29 × 5 inches (109 × 74 × 13 cm).
  • Maximum height with cable guides: Approximately 8 inches (20 cm).
  • Footprint: Approximately 43 × 5 inches (109 x 13 cm).
  • Physical weight: 13.7 Lb (6.2 kg).

AxiDraw SE/A2 Specifications:

  • Usable pen travel (inches): 23.39 × 17.01 inches.
  • Usable pen travel (millimeters): 594 × 432 mm.
  • Overall dimensions: Approximately 32.5 × 22.5 × 5 inches (82 × 57 × 13 cm).
  • Maximum height with cable guides: Approximately 8 inches (20 cm).
  • Footprint: Approximately 32.5 × 5 inches (82 x 13 cm).
  • Physical weight: 10.7 Lb (4.9 kg).

What comes with the machine:

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