Replacement Coreless Servo for AxiDraw

Please see compatibility notes before ordering
Now available from Bantam Tools!

Replacement Coreless Servo for AxiDraw

This high performance coreless servo motor is available as a replacement part or upgrade for compatible AxiDraw models.

BEFORE ORDERING: If your AxiDraw does not already have this type of coreless servo motor, check the compatibility notes below to make sure that this upgrade will work with your AxiDraw.

Available with or without lift arm

Two versions of the Replacement Coreless Servo are available, with or without the aluminum lift arm.

If you are upgrading from a (blue plastic) Tower Pro SG-90 pen-lift servo motor, select the version with the lift arm installed. (Again, be sure to check the compatibility notes below.)

If you are replacing, or purchasing a spare for, an existing coreless motor with the green aluminum lift arm installed, you can choose either option. Either purchase the motor with a new lift arm installed and ready to use, or purchase one that does not include the lift arm — just a spare roller wheel. In the latter case, when swapping motors, you'll need to move the lift arm from the old motor to the new one, ensuring that it is correctly positioned (pointing horizontal at 50% height). The rolling wheel at the end of the lift arm can wear out over time; a spare is included.

Compatibility check

Compatibility check: Black-color flat plate folded over top of pen-lift servo

The Replacement Coreless Servo for AxiDraw is compatible with AxiDraw V3 and SE family pen plotters that shipped with, or which have been upgraded with, a specific servo mounting bracket. To verify compatibility, look at the bracket where your existing pen-lift servo motor is mounted, comparing it to the photo here.

If it looks like the photo, with a black-colored aluminum flap over the top of the servo motor, your AxiDraw is compatible with this replacement servo.

If your servo mounting bracket has any other configuration, your AxiDraw is not presently compatible with this replacement servo. Check the compatibility notes for the Coreless Servo Upgrade Kit for AxiDraw for more information.

If you are ordering a new AxiDraw and would like us to pre-install a coreless servo on a new unit before it ships, we can do so at a similar cost (and save you the installation time); please contact us.

About this coreless servo motor (as an upgrade)

The K-power DMC809 digital coreless servo motor has a full metal gear train, dual ball bearings, and a full machined aluminum case. If your AxiDraw is compatible and you are purchasing this as an upgrade from the (blue plastic) Tower Pro SG-90 motor, the coreless motor is faster, stronger, longer lasting, and quieter.

Here are the tradeoffs that you should be aware of:

Advantages of using this servo motor upgrade versus the Tower Pro SG-90:
  • Much quieter. No, it's not silent, but, wow it is remarkably quiet.
  • Longer life.
  • Stronger; greater lifting capacity. Can lift heavier pens.
  • A little bit faster.
  • Less vibration due to servo noise, especially at lower speeds. (Did we mention that it's quieter?)
  • A more professional final appearance, with its nice all-metal case.
  • Long lasting, replaceable roller wheel on the aluminum lift arm reduces friction and wear.
  • Heavier; can slightly increase "tuning-fork" ringing at faster speeds.
  • Costs more.

What comes in the package:

The version with the full lift arm installed ("With full lift arm installed") contains:
  • K-power DMC809 coreless servo motor, customized with shorter wire leads
  • A custom aluminum lift-arm (servo horn with rolling wheel), installed and ready to use
  • Cable ties and screws for mounting
The version without the lift arm ("With only spare roller wheel") contains:
  • K-power DMC809 coreless servo motor, customized with shorter wire leads
  • Only a replacement rolling wheel for your existing pen lift arm
  • Cable ties and screws for mounting

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