Snap-O-Lantern Kit

Just add batteries and mini-pumpkin!
Not in production.

The Snap-O-Lantern is a robotic mini-pumpkin. Normally, it just sits there, in disguise as a boring old pumpkin. But, every twenty seconds he comes to life. His LED eyes turn on, his jaw slowly opens, and then SNAPS shut— and he goes back into stealth mode.

The snap-o-lantern soldering kit [?] includes all the parts needed to make your carved, hinged mini-pumpkin spooky and glowy. Features two ultrabright 10 mm orange tinted LEDs, a servo motor, and a preprogrammed ATtiny2313 microcontroller.

A mini pumpkin and three AA batteries are required but not included. Assembly instructions and documentation on our wiki.

The Snap-O-Lantern kit can also be used to make a Peek-O-Book.

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