Deluxe Electronic Breadboard Menorah Kit

LED Hanukkah, without the soldering!
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Deluxe Electronic Breadboard Menorah Kit— No soldering required!

This breadboard-based kit is a solderless re-imagining of our new-classic Deluxe LED Menorah Kit, that you can build yourself, simply by clipping wires and inserting components into the breadboard.

Like the Special Edition Deluxe Menorah Kit, the Breadboard Menorah Kit features assorted-color 10 mm ultrabright LEDs, inspired by those wonderful old multicolor Hanukkah candle sets.

About our Deluxe LED Menorah Kits

Our Deluxe LED Menorah kits— this solderless version included —represent an updated take on the traditional hanukkiyah, the nine-armed Hanukkah candelabrum. Two candles are lit on the first night of Hanukkah (one "real" candle plus the lighter candle, or shamash), three on the second night, right up to nine on the eighth night. (That's (2+9)*(8/2)=44 candles all together, for those of you keeping score.)

Ours work pretty much the same way, but uses less wax. When you turn it on, it displays the correct configuration of LED "candles" for a given night of Hanukkah. Each time that you press the button (or switch it off and back on), it displays one more light than it did the previous time that you turned it on (unless it showed all nine last time, in which case it goes back to two). The LEDs are lit up in the traditional sequence, with a gentle fade. You can also easily switch (by a button press) between having your LEDs steadily on, or gently rippling with our new "candle flicker" mode.

Building the Kit

This menorah kit is very easy to build, and includes a pre-programmed microcontroller (running a specially-modified program), pre-wired battery holder, nine ultrabright LEDs (including red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and warm white), and a 630 tie point transparent solderless breadboard.

Some tools are required: You will need small ("flush") wire clippers, and we recommend that you have a set of small, smooth-jawed pliers or a resistor lead bending tool. No additional knowledge of electronics is presumed or required -- and no programming is required either.

Once you've built it, you'll have an elegant little LED menorah, ready for the season. And out of season, you can easily repurpose the parts: you've got an excellent breadboard (and a handful of components) ready for prototyping new electronics projects!

Clear, full-color printed instructions are provided with the kit.

The kit requires three AA cells (not included) to operate.

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