Aluminum DIP-8 IC Legs Stand

Add integrated circuit legs to something!
Not currently available

You know the awesome anodized aluminum "DIP 8 Legs" stand in the Three Fives and XL741 kits? This is just that stand, on its own. What will you build with it?

This stand consists of the following components: The clear-anodized aluminum "leadforms" (two pieces, each with four legs), trilobular thread forming screws (6 pieces, black, 6-32 thread size), and spacers.

Compatible with all versions of the Three Fives and XL741 kits, in case you need a replacement or an upgrade for your older kit. Materials and construction

  • The decorative stand is smooth to the touch and made of anodized aluminum.
  • All materials are RoHS complaint (lead free).

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