Precision Tail Coupler for EggBot

Knurly goodness for your EggBot
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What is a "tail coupler?"
An egg or ball that is mounted in the EggBot is held between two "egg cups": one attached to the motor (the "Egg coupler") and one attached to the spring-plunger of the movable tailstock (the "tail coupler"). The standard tail coupler on the Egbot is a concave polyurethane surface, and works well for most applications.

The Precision Tail Coupler
The Precision Tail Coupler is an optional accessory that replaces the stock egg cup on the tailstock with one that has a cushioned abrasive surface. It is very similar to the Precision Egg Coupler, but has a smaller outer diameter, a knurled outer surface, and is designed to fit the tailstock plunger, rather than the motor shaft. It features a wide, flat abrasive surface backed by firm but conformable foam rubber. As compared to the stock tail coupler — a concave polyurethane surface — the larger size and conformable surface allows this coupler to grip either rounded, flat, or irregular ends of objects.

The Precision Tail Coupler is made of CNC-machined aluminum, with a clear-anodized finish. It is 5/8" (~16 mm) in diameter, and has a knurled outer surface for easy gripping. The inner blind hole is precisely sized to fit the 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) shaft of the tailstock, and it comes fitted with a stainless steel 10-32 set screw.

The abrasive surface of this coupler provides a consistent and easy no-slip grip on eggs, plastic or wooden balls, and many other objects. And, while that's not as important as it is on the motor side, using this coupler can make it a little faster and more pleasant to swap out objects in the EggBot.

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