Tailstock Draw Knob

Easy release for EggBotted objects. Sold individually.
Not currently available

One finely-made machined aluminum knob, designed to fit a 1/4" shaft. 5/8" outer diameter, with a knurled outer surface. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, with a clear-anodized finish. It comes fitted with a stainless steel 10-32 set screw.

You can attach this knob to the back of the EggBot's tailstock plunger pin, to provide an easy place to pull and release the egg when you're finished. Or, use it anywhere that you need a nice aluminum knob!

This knob is also the metal portion of our Precision Tail Coupler-- without the conformable abrasive surface. And as such, it can also be used for making custom fixtures and couplers to mount objects in an EggBot.

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