WaterColorBot Winch Upgrade Kit

Two Aluminum winches pre-wound with Spectra cord. Also includes hex wrench and printed assembly guide.
Not currently available

WaterColorBot kits now include a pair of machined aluminum winches. If you have an older WaterColorBot kit that came with the wooden winches, you may want to get this little upgrade kit to bring yours up to the current revision. This upgrade kit includes the two aluminum winches pre-wound with Spectra cord, a 3/32" hex wrench, and a printed set of current-revision assembly instructions, updated for the new winches.

In a little more detail...

Our winches are precision cut from 6061-T6 aluminum on CNC machines and anodized clear. We add a few extra little parts (flat-head rivets to wind the winch around, screws, and a stamped and polished stainless steel "clamp" to hold the string end), and wind them approximately 125 inches of "100 pound" test Spectra cord. Spectra is a high-performance low-stretch polymer fiber that is ten times stronger than steel by weight. It is used in applications including bulletproof vests, and high-performance boat sails, fishing lines, and kite lines.

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