The Original Egg-Bot: Model Comparison

Pro Deluxe Ostrich
EggBot Pro
The EggBot, evolved and refined. Better rigidity, faster setup. Solidly constructed from machined aluminum.
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Deluxe EggBot
Most popular model.
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Ostrich EggBot
Extra large chassis to fit larger objects like ostrich, emu, and rhea eggs.
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Price $375 $260 No longer in production.
Chassis Material CNC Machined Aluminum Fiberglass MDF/Melamine
Finish Anodized/powder coated White with black silkscreen Laser engraved
Hardware Quick releases, brass/nylon thumbscrews Brass thumbscrews Brass thumbscrews
Maximum printable object diameter 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) 4.25 inch (10.8 cm) 6.25 inch (15.9 cm)
Maximum printable object length 4.5 inch (11.5 cm) 6.25 inch (15.9 cm) 8.5 inch (21.6 cm)
Minimum printable object diameter <1 inch (2.5 cm)1 1.25 inch (3.2 cm) 1.6 inch (4.0 cm)
Minimum printable object length <1 inch (2.5 cm)1 1.25 inch (3.2 cm) 1.6 inch (4.0 cm)
Kit type Ready to use Assembly required2
Weight 3.1 Lb. (1.4 kg) 2.0 Lb. (0.9 kg) 2.7 Lb. (1.2 kg)
10.25×5.5×6 inch
(26×14×15.3 cm)
10.75×7.25×5 inch
(27.3×18.4×12.7 cm)
14.375×9.25×5.25 inch
(36.5×23.5×13.3 cm)
Also included with kit Universal-input power supply, USB cable, black Sharpie marker
Open Source4 Yes.
1 The EggBot Pro has enough "reach" to print on an object of arbitrarily small size, however there is a practical (but poorly defined) limit on how small of an object you can print upon, that has to do with the size of the "egg couplers" that hold the object in place. It is challenging to print on objects much smaller than one inch in length or diameter without special fixtures.
2 "Some Assembly Required." The Deluxe and Ostrich EggBots require screwdriver-level assembly, and usually take an hour or so to build, following along with our detailed photo-heavy instructions. No soldering or programming are required.
3 Typical values, when configured to print upon a chicken egg.
4 Egg-Bot kits are compliant with Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Definition 1.0 [link].
Documentation is hosted at the Evil Mad Scientist wiki.