Solderless Flickery Flame LED Kit

Make an awesome flickery flame for your pumpkin, luminaria or stage prop.
Not currently available

The Solderless Flickery Flame kit includes the parts needed to create a compact, bright, portable simulated fire perfect for Jack-O-Lanterns, luminarias, or stage props. User provides two AA batteries.

Kit contents:

  • Battery Holder (2×AA with switch)
  • Mini-breadboard
  • 6 × candle flicker LEDs (2 red diffused, 2 yellow diffused, and 2 yellow clear lens)
  • 6 × 68 ohm resistor
  • 2 × wire jumper
  • Plain white paper bag
  • Printed guide

Recommended tools:

  • Wire clippers, cutting pliers, or "beater" scissors (optional)

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