Reusable Watercolor Palette

Use tube-based watercolor paints with the WaterColorBot
Not currently available

Reusable Paint Palettes

This permanent, washable, and reusable paint palette allows you to use tube-based watercolor paints in the WaterColorBot. This is a great accessory to use if you are an artist that prefers tube-based watercolors, or if (for example) you are in a location where pre-filled 8-pan paint palettes (such as our standard Crayola palette) are not available. (Tube watercolor paints are readily available at art supply stores.)

The palette is made of machined rigid HDPE plastic, and has 8 wells. It's designed to fit in the indentation of the standard Spoilboard for the WaterColorBot and hold the paints at the correct locations so that the WaterColorBot knows where to find them.

Paints are not included.

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