Hold-down Magnet and Clip Set

Paper-holding accessories for AxiDraw. Great for use with Magnetic Easels.
Now available from Bantam Tools!

The set of magnets and spring clips is designed for use with the AxiDraw magnetic easel boards for letter/A4 and tabloid/A3 sizes, but can be used with almost any magnetic surface. The set includes a pair of special spring clips with magnetic bases, as well as six skinny magnets for holding down paper.

The two special spring clips each have two curved tines that apply gentle pressure to your paper. They allow you to slide paper directly in and out, quickly and easily, without touching any magnets, clips, or tape. They have a long reach to be positioned behind the rulers on our magnetic easels. Magnetic bases allow you to position them where needed. Two of these spring clips provide just enough pressure to keep a sheet of paper steady while you write or draw on it.

This set also includes six cylindrical magnets, 4 mm in diameter and 10 mm tall, which are easy to position and firmly hold paper. The tall aspect ratio makes them particularly easy to grasp (unlike disc magnets). Perhaps more importantly, they tend to yield and tip over if hit by an errant pen tip, rather than holding so fast as to damage your pen or move your paper.

Note: One full Hold-down Magnet and Clip Set like this is included with the Tabloid/A3 size Magnetic Easel for AxiDraw. Purchase this item if you'd like to have additional Magnet and Clip sets, or to go with the Letter/A4 size Magnetic Easel (which only includes the cylindrical magnets).

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