Green 1.8 mm Diffused-Lens LED

Not currently available

Diffused lens green LEDs in a ultra-small 1.89 mm package. These LEDs have translucent milky-white diffused lenses for high visibility at wide viewing angles. These LEDs are small enough to fit side by side in a standard breadboard. Note that this particular green LED is a low voltage 'yellow-green' LED, what has historically referred to as a green LED. (Most other green discrete LEDs on our site are 525 nm "pure green" LEDs.)


  • Color: Yellow-Green
  • Peak Wavelength: 574 nm
  • Package: 1.8 mm round tower
  • Lens type: Diffused, milky-white translucent
  • Viewing angle: 65 degrees
  • Intensity: 200 mCd typ. at 20 mA
  • DC forward current: 30 mA
  • Forward voltage (typical): 2.2 V
  • Lead-free (RoHS compliant)
  • Manufacturer: Betlux Electronics
  • Manufacturer part number: BL-L189UGW
  • Datasheet (PDF)

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