2.3 inch Orange Alphanumeric LED Displays

Ultrabright orange 17-segment LED displays.
No longer stocked. Please see our other alphanumeric displays.

Big, ultrabright and beautiful 17-segment alphanumeric displays with orange segments and 2.3" character height!

The segments light up in ultrabright orange -- for that old school neon/nixie/panaplex look. Also available in ultrabright red or ultrabright white.

These are seriously bright when driven at full current, and can be placed behind a darkened window for even higher contrast viewing. A total of 53 LED elements are inside the matrix to drive the segments and decimal point. Note also that there is a black sticker on the black face of the display (which covers an unpopulated "upper decimal place" that you don't see).

The internal wiring configuration is common anode. The decimal point contains a single LED element. The six "short" segments each contain two LED elements in series. The ten "long" segments each contain two LED elements in series, twice in parallel. To drive the display, we recommend using two constant-current LED driver ICs, one of which is configured for roughly 25 mA (for the six short segments and decimal), and one of which is configured for roughly 50 mA (for the long segments).


  • LED Color: Ultrabright Orange
  • Package: 2.3" Alphanumeric, 20 pin
  • Wiring configuration: Common Anode
  • Lens type: Diffused (milky white when not lit)
  • Face background color: Black
  • DC forward current (per LED element): 30 mA Max
  • Forward voltage (per LED element): 2.1 V typical, 2.5 V Max
  • Lead-free (RoHS compliant)
  • Manufacturer: Betlux Electronics
  • Manufacturer part number: BL-SA230B-12UE-11
  • Datasheet (PDF)

Lead Free
These 17-segment alphanumeric displays are RoHS compliant (lead free). Working with these parts, you'll find that everything works well with either regular or lead-free solder-- whichever you care to use.

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