5 mm RGB LED Pixel 10-pack

Ten addressable RGB "Bullet Pixels"
Not currently available

A ten-pack of Breadboardable, individually addressable LEDs with printed quick info included. These are also available individually and bulk here.

These remarkably bright diffused-lens 5 mm RGB LEDs each contain a tiny driver chip. You can daisy chain them in a linear array where every LED is individually addressable through a one wire communication protocol. While you will sometimes see these advertised (incorrectly) as "discrete WS2812 LEDs," the actual device inside them is type PL9823, which is packaged by a different manufacturer.

We recommend using the "lightweight WS2812" library (available to download here) for working with these LEDs from AVR, Arduino, and ARM platforms.

The driving protocol is very similar to the popular WS2811/WS2812 chipset. You can read more about these LEDs here. Samurai Circuits has an additional Arduino compatible library available at their documentation site, but the lightweight WS2812 library remains our primary recommendation.

We've used these in our Mega Menorah 9000 kit as programmable LED candles.


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